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Published on 4/16/2024 TWIF Magazine April 2024 Fashion & Beauty Issue 5

Fashion often speaks louder than words. In Beata’s journey, this began in her early childhood where she learned creativity and compassion. Surrounded by European art and fashion, Beata’s earliest memories are intertwined with threads of intention for the future.

Beata J Storey’s intuitive nature blossomed in Central Europe, where her childhood was marked by a deep sense of empathy and a relentless pursuit of justice. From elementary school, Beata stood as a guardian for those facing bullying, using her popularity not for vanity but to shield the vulnerable. This innate compassion extended beyond the schoolyard, resonating deeply with the dilemma of suffering animals. At just eight years old, she found herself confronted with the horrors of global animal abuse, igniting a fire within her to dedicate her life to their protection.

From the earliest days of her childhood, Beata’s mother instilled within her a profound appreciation for individuality and the art of self-expression. Rejecting the mundane, her mother sewn unique garments that mirrored the enchanting pages of European fashion magazines, where Beata found her favorite outfits, therefore a profound connection to the extraordinary styles.

As a young girl, Beata’s family vacations offered glimpses into worlds beyond the borders of Poland, where vibrant hues and trendy styles adorned the streets and runways of Europe. These encounters stirred a yearning within her, igniting a deep desire to bring the allure of high fashion to her homeland. With each fashion show attended during these adventures, Beata’s passion deepened, her keen eye capturing every detail of the designs that mesmerized her.

The elegance and joy radiated from those wearing the outfits, and to Beata, seeing those individuals evoked the emotions of embracing self-confidence, feeling truly fabulous and embodying something meaningful.

Upon returning home, she eagerly sketched these newfound inspirations, eagerly sharing them with her mother, whose skilled hands transformed these visions into reality. Being curious and determined to learn how to sew, Beata’s fingers eagerly grasped at fabric scraps to create outfits for her stuffed animals, learning the art of stitching alongside her mother. These moments of creation weren’t merely about crafting garments; they were the birth of a dream.

The admiring glances and heartfelt compliments she received, after wearing her sketched creations made by her mother, only fueled her determination to one day redefine fashion’s andscape, offering a kaleidoscope of colors and styles accessible to all. Thus, a seed was planted deep within her soul that would one day blossom into the Beatta J Collection, a testament to her unwavering commitment to bring beauty, luxury, and individuality to the world plus make her customers feel a sense of reward like the winners.

Across four generations, the love of clothing and design has woven its way through her family’s story, infused with the indomitable spirit of her maternal grandmother, Olga. An aspiring dressmaker whose dreams were cut short by the ravages of war, Olga’s vision continues to inspire Beata’s quest to design timeless styles that transcend seasons and trends. Growing up amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, Beata found purpose in the serene haven of her paternal grandmother’s farm. Here, she forged bonds with the animals, tending to their needs with tender care. But her compassionate heart clashed with the harsh reality of farm life, where animals were seen as commodities rather than companions. Determined to make a stand, young Beata dressed herself in one of the custom creations made by her mother: orange dress with white polka dots, a symbol of her firm resolution, and locked herself in the barn to protect the animals from harm. Through her sheer determination and resilience, she emerged victorious, instilling a promise within her family to spare the lives of the farm animals in her presence.

The Dream Comes Into Focus

As Beata ventured into adulthood, her journey took her across continents, from the cobblestone streets of Europe to the sunny shores of California. It was here that Beata’s vision began to take shape, fueled by a relentless pursuit of artistry and innovation. Transferring to a university in California marked a pivotal moment in Beata’s journey. Europe had instilled in her a love of art, fashion, and style, but she recognized that continuing her higher education was fundamental to learning and developing specific aesthetics that would blend European taste with American culture and needs. Graduating with a degree in Art & Computer Graphics, Beata quickly launched her career as a designer, initially working in the entertainment business. Determined to succeed, Beata focused on independently building her desired life in Los Angeles, where she had to rely on herself with her family back in Europe. During weekends, she indulged her passion by styling celebrities as an extra job. As she progressed, Beata aspired to become a creative director. Extended hours of work led to Beata being placed on medical leave due to exaggerated spinal curvature caused by prolonged sitting at the computer.

That made her realize that her sense of independence, innovative ideas, and desire to create uniquely designed clothes with a purpose, coupled with the knowledge she gained from working for various companies, opened a new window of opportunity creating different paths. Driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, Beata decided to branch out on her own. She founded her own design agency, which eventually evolved into her own fashion brand, where she could fully express her creativity and vision.

From Gold Leaf to Green Heart

Beata’s path was not without its challenges. Having a family on her own with 2 kids, Beata’s focus aligned with advocating for her children who required extra help. Challenges didn’t end there, as Beata’s personal situation changed and she found herself as a single mother of two, facing daunting obstacles with faithful determination, fueled by her vision of creating a collection that not only captivated the eyes but touched the soul. During personal struggles, Beata’s vision for the future carried her through to emerge on the other side of the brighter side.

In 2016, Beata took the leap and launched Gold Leaf Style, a bold endeavor that merged European elegance with avant-garde flair. Yet, despite its initial success, Beata found herself at a crossroads, unwilling to compromise her values for financial gain. It was this bold commitment to integrity that led her to embark on a new chapter – the birth of Beatta J Collection.

Beata’s vision extended beyond the beautiful and flattering creation of garments; it was a call to action. Donning her iconic orange dress with polka dots, she took a stand for those who couldn’t speak for themselves. From protecting farm animals on her grandmother’s farm to advocating for endangered species, Beata’s activism became inseparable from her artistry in her own brand. Beata’s love for fashion was inseparable from her sincere desire to safeguard the creatures of the wild. From the majestic tigers to the misunderstood wolves, she felt their pain acutely, driven by a deep-rooted longing to halt their slide towards extinction and donating her savings to feel contribution towards her heartfelt causes.

But Beata’s journey wasn’t solely about aesthetics; it was a quest for meaning and impact. As she grew, so did her consciousness of the world around her. Embracing a vegan lifestyle and cultivating a deep connection to the planet, she sought to align her values with her vocation.

As the sun sets on one chapter, a new dawn emerges. The rebrand and launch of Beatta J Collection mark not just a milestone but a testament to the power of resilience and vision. Debuting at the largest fashion venue during New York Fashion Week in Fall 2023, Beata J Storey’s journey to sustainable fashion leadership is poised to inspire, empower, and ignite change.

Beata’s vision extended beyond the beautiful and flattering creation of garments; it was a call to action. Donning her iconic orange dress with polka dots, she took a stand for those who couldn’t speak for themselves. From protecting farm animals on her grandmother’s farm to advocating for endangered species, Beata’s activism became inseparable from her artistry in her own brand. Beata’s love for fashion was inseparable from her sincere desire to safeguard the creatures of the wild. From the majestic tigers to the misunderstood wolves, she felt their pain acutely, driven by a deep-rooted longing to halt their slide towards extinction and donating her savings to feel contribution towards her heartfelt causes.

Empowering Women Preserving Nature

s Beata’s designs graced the runways, her heart resonated with the struggles of those less fortunate. Collaborating with non-profits such as “Living with Wolves” and “Lions, Tigers & Bears” she transformed her passion into tangible action of hope for a brighter tomorrow. However, it was her profound connection with “Laura’s House,” an organization born from the depths of domestic violence, that deeply touched her soul. Attending classes herself, immersed in the stories of survivors, Beata bore witness to their pain and suffering, igniting a fierce determination within her to effect change. Her vision of treating the victims with the utmost dignity, by creating glamorous events adorned with beautiful clothes and a joyful atmosphere, fueled Beatta J brand’s commitment to making a meaningful difference for those who endure such hardships and bring any enjoyment to their lives.

Driven by a desire to empower women and protect the planet, Beata’s designs carry a message of hope and resilience. Each piece in her Beatta J brand is not just a garment but a statement – a testament to the belief that fashion can be both beautiful and kind.

As Beata J Storey continues to evolve, her commitment to sustainability and social responsibility remains unwavering. Inspired by other vegan, animal activist designers like Stella McCartney and Matea Benedetti, Beata is not just motivated to change the face of fashion; she’s shaping a future where luxurious style and sustainability go hand in hand.

Join her on this journey of empowerment and evolution, where every stitch tells a story of compassion, creativity, and change. Beatta J Collection seeks not only to redefine style but to reduce the human footprint on our planet. With a steadfast commitment to sustainability and innovation, Beata has embarked on a quest to revolutionize the way we think about fashion, one garment at a time.

While sustainable fabrics have long been at the heart of Beata’s mission, she recognized that true change required a holistic approach. In her relentless pursuit of eco-consciousness, she sought fabrics that not only minimized environmental impact but also maximized efficiency in care and longevity. After extensive research and testing, Beata discovered a fabric that exceeded her expectations – easy to care for, water-saving, and energy-efficient.

But Beata didn’t stop there. Understanding that traditional washing methods contributed to water waste and energy consumption, she pioneered a revolutionary care process for her brand’s garments.

Drawing inspiration from nature’s own preservation techniques, Beata developed a method of storing garments in special bags and freezing them overnight that she injected into her brand’s garments. This innovative approach not only eliminates the need for frequent wash cycles but also extends the lifespan of the garment, reducing the strain on both resources and the environment.

Beatta J’s fabric is designed to resist bacteria and maintain vibrant colors even in low temperatures. For stains, a simple solution of warm water and soap is all that’s needed, further minimizing the reliance on harsh chemicals and detergents. This marriage of efficiency and elegance represents a new paradigm in fashion with Beatta J Collection – one where beauty and sustainability go hand in hand. Through innovative practices and sustainable materials, she forged a new path in fashion, one where ethics and aesthetics went hand in hand. Drawing from her experiences advocating for animal welfare, Beata introduced recycled leather handbags, breathing new life into discarded materials while sparing the lives of animals. As Beata J Storey looks towards the future, her vision is clear – a world where fashion is not just an expression of style but a catalyst for change. Through her pioneering spirit and strong dedication, she is paving the way for a greener, more sustainable industry. And as consumers increasingly demand transparency and accountability from the brands they support, Beata remains steadfast in her commitment to leading by example.


Beata’s brand Beatta J Collection invites you to join the movement towards a brighter, more sustainable future. With every purchase, you’re not just investing in a garment – you’re investing in a vision of hope and possibility. Together, we can redefine the future of fashion and leave a legacy of stewardship and sustainability for generations to come. Today, as Beata’s story continues to unfold, it serves as a beacon of light in our challenging world. Through her artistry and activism, she reminds us that true beauty lies not in the fabric of our clothes but in the depth of our compassion. Subscribe and check for our exciting updates at In the end, Beata’s journey is not just about fashion; it’s about the transformative power of love, compassion, and the unwavering belief that together, we can change the world, one stitch at a time.


As a designer, I am deeply thankful and profoundly grateful for the incredible individuals who have come together to bring my vision to life. The collaborative efforts of talented artists such as Nick Scaturro, Diego Gorlato, and Clara Berta, along with the remarkable skills of models Kasia Swiostek, Carisse Miyashiro, and Rachel Pollard, have elevated the Beatta J Collection brand to unforgettable heights.

Enlisting the support of my valuable mentors, business advisors, and friends, who generously lent their professional expertise, became a collective and irreplaceable effort in bringing the Beatta J brand to life. Additionally, the magic captured by our intuitive and visionary photographer, Jola Jablonska, has breathed life into our creations. I am also immensely grateful to the owners of “Live Metta” Yoga Studio in Laguna Niguel, whose graciousness in opening their beautiful space for our photoshoots has been invaluable. Last but certainly not least, I am deeply thankful for the dedicated and loving support, encouragement, and understanding of my husband Gary, whose presence has been instrumental in brightening my vision, inspiring me to create, and pushing the boundaries of my creativity. Together, we have built a brand consisting of creativity, passion, and dedication, and for that, I am eternally thankful.

With LOVE – Beata

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